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Thursday, May 26, 2011


Curium – The Glowing Element

Forget Uranium and Plutonium

History of the Element

First produced in the summer of 1944, Curium was synthesized and identified in the University of Berkeley, California.

It was hard to separate from Americium that initially the two elements were called Pandemonium.

Curium was first synthesized with the bombardment of alpha particles top produce and isotope.

Glenn T. Seaborg is credited as the element's creator.

The element was named after Madam and Pierre Curie, the discoverers of Radium.

What Can I Use Curium for?

Mocern Use: Curium is on of the most stable isolabel elements. Hence, Curium is often used as alpha emitters.

Curium May be used to produce a Curocene organic structure.

Some Spacecraft use Curium as a Radioisotope thermoelectric generator. This allows Curium to be used as a fuel source.

It is often used to make other elements.

Historical use: Curium was used in the Mars Rovers installed with Alpha Particle X-ray spectrometers to analyze rocks.

Curium was used as a starter element for other transuranic elements

Berkeley produced 5,000 atoms of Californium with Curium isotopes and the bombardment of Oxygen and Magnesium isotopes.

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