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Monday, June 21, 2010

Infamous 2 preview thoughts

When I watch the Infamous 2 teaser trailer that Sucker Punch has released this comparison came to my mind: Cole's new look just had a jarring similarity to Nathan Drake from Uncharted, as if he was some lost twin or brother. And to put my word out I thoroughly dislike it! I found Cole's look from the first game as more unique and iconic, a little less generic. I mind less the new clothes, city, and voice actor but that hair concerns me too much and makes me think the character as someone else other than the the Cole I loved in InFamous. I just hope they change him to look more like the original later when they are finishing the game. [The expected release date is sometime in July 2011]
Just expressing my opinion, until next time: -- Mystery Black

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Bionic Commando (2009) Review

Spencer: Woah is that a
long health bar or are you just happy to see me?

Radio: There's no way out, you'll just have to F@#$K it!

Spencer: Um…
Bionic Commando is an interesting game to which I have had the pleasure of being gifted it from my cousins.
The game provides a sequel of a reemergence of a to the iconic arcade bionic commando from oh-so-many years ago(1987). The Bionic Commando's name is Nathan Spencer, he is followed far away by Radio with Joe and a General, fighting for the Federal States of America. The design of the game is in a modern turn for the better and here is my breakdown:
The game-play has two main compartment of video-game actions: Wire and arm movement, and gun firing. The guns vary from snipers to shotguns to pistols to rocket launchers and grenades. They all work well and I find no problem with the guns as they work as expected. Wire and Arm actions of Spencer's allow you to swing around with some boots as safety for when you crash, punch, whip, throw, kite and hack objects. Punching and throwing has been to me unconventional.
I also feel so constricted in the levels not being able to roam many directions because of so many unconventionally placed radiated zones which kill you if you enter for more then five seconds. In the game there are challenges such as killing a certain amount of people with your weapons and finding these little icons around the levels.
But what I disliked about this game is that if you do these challenges but die before saving then you have to do it ALL AGAIN from a checkpoint. That is a major fault in the game since there is so much to do between checkpoints. Eventually I had to say to myself "Forget the challenges and enjoy the game."
The bosses in the game came in a few varieties but the usual thing to do is throw everything at them (or shoot them in a weak spot at the back). Chiefly the bosses were these giant walking humanoid robots that jump/fly and shoot shrapnel guns, missiles or a laser beam that you can use yourself (and bring with you across levels to instantly kill other bosses and fleets of enemies). If they weren't that kind of robot then it was a polycraft flying plane. My favorite two bosses was with this gargantuan hovercraft with its polycraft sidekick at the top of a building having a view to the city and the MOHOLE which is a giant drilling robot worm that I loved (and if you lose then retry you get the quote at the top)!
A disappointment to me in this game was with the final boss and final level which seemed to me as if they did a lazy job with it.
The graphics are at an acceptable level of detail and the music score is very booming and bombastic (I have found myself humming the theme more than once). Plus Bionic Commando has one of the more interesting pause menus I have seen. A strange thing in the game, of which I love, that is slightly controversal is its use of in-game Advertisements on Billboards and vending Machines (it is effective because while playing the game I felt like a Pepsi when I saw the vending machines with the Logo on it).
Overall it is a well done game but there is a good chance you might hate a copious amount of it. It has a moderate amount of swearing and blood but I don't find it to be in the Rated M, it can pass as a T rating with a few modifications. Bionic Commando is intensive and detailed but leaves a good room for improvement. After a certain level of powers the game doesn't seem to change in the way you play it. 2 and 1/2 out of 10 beers to enjoy if you ask me. It is a classic game remake sequel with a strong base in gameplay, I wish I had tried how the Multi-player is.

Until next time (probably in Austria) -- Mystery Black
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