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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Portal, this cake is not a lie.

If you have a PC or a Mac then this would concern you!
PORTAL: an amazing game, pretty well praised for its unique game-play and mischievous humor. Won over 70 game of the year awards I believe.
Gratis: not a word I have associated with the game until now.
Yes you can now download the game for free on Steam, I give to you the gift of a free game, I tried it out it is not a virus.
Get it NOW before it is to be charged for download after the 24th.
--til next time. --Mystery Black

Monday, May 17, 2010


hiatus Pictures, Images and Photos
The blog is on a break from May 15th to 22st.
sorry for the inconvenience. One experiencing lack of exposure to computers, other's infallible game machine broke and last is unable to acquire interesting games to review.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Iron man 2 movie review

Are you wondering to see Iron Man 2 but previous disappointed sequels have you reluctant to watch it? Let me tell you my opinion.
So in correspondence of my nerdgasm and love for superheroes I reserved my tickets for Iron Man 2 two weeks ago and heres what I thought. Firstly there is a lot more special effects than the last one, you would have to have seen the post-credits to the last one (basically Nick Fury played by Samuel L. Jackson approached Tony after his press conference into the "Avengers Initiative" in the sequel, in Iron man 2 you see Tony having a role being selected and a consultant with Fury).

Besides that the movie takes where it is off, just six months later. Some Russian named Ivan Vanko is able to engineer the designs of the Arc reactor from Stark and builds his own weapons. Stark is realizing he gets problems with the mantel of Iron Man (hint it has to do with blood toxicity which I thought was following some alcoholic plan).The following plot was actually surprisingly unpredictable which left me enthralled in the movie.
The Special Effects were amazing, the acting was great and the action was exciting. Music in the movie was a combination of the thunderous plays you often hear with a touch of Metal rock and a bit of Hip Hop here and there; nothing music-wise is too catchy. In the movie I did see some minor product placement. The acting on Robert Downey Junior's part fitted the role. Pepper Potts seemed like the rational character. The main villain Whiplash was more superficial but worked as the antagonist. Just the one who played Justin Hammer seemed eccentric and out of place in the movie since the eccentric one was supposed to be Stark, but the acting did provide some comic relief as he reminded me of Owen Wilson.
Now as you might know, they replaced Jim Rhodes / War Machine from the first one with another actor because the first one was just not good enough. And to be honest, the character of Rhodey was preserves and I cannot tell the difference (I am not racist, I see a minor difference but they are too alike).
Overall I loved it, I'll give a plot overview if you want to check it out. It is the Epitome of Awesome, IRON MAN 2 surprised me! You should see it. 0 out of 10 beers to enjoy (if you could even sneak any in).

Iron Man 2 Plot overview

Too cheap or too busy to actually watch Iron Man 2? Yet you do want to know what happened.
Allow me, Mystery Black, to tell you vaguely what happened.
Basically Ivan Vonko sees that Tony Stark has created a mini Arc Reactor. Using stolen plans from his recently diseased father he builds his own reactor and weapons that are electric Whips. Stark is busy with the public in his Exposition trying to promote peace and cooperation.
Stark gets called to court on turning in the Iron Man suit because Senator Stern (I believe that is his name) sees it as a weapon; Justin Hammer of Hammer industries (which I think the name is a reference to the Dark Reign series where osborn takes over S.H.I.E.L.D. naming it H.A.M.M.E.R.). Stark makes a mockery of them supporting his claim that others aren't even years close, he shows tapes of failed attempts from N.Korea Irag and Hammer Industry.
He has a high toxic level in his blood building up where you see these gray lines expanding from the arc reactor at his heart which constantly need to replace parts. He needs to replace this with something more permanent which is some miracle element not existing.

So seeing Stark has a little days left he starts taking preparations into leaving a legacy. He appoints Pepper Potts as his C.E.O. He donates many of his valuable stuff and parties hard.
In a race car event in Monaco Stark takes a race car but the race was interrupted by whiplash. Much destruction, you see an awesome new Iron Man Suit made from a suitcase and Whiplash or Vanko goes to prison. When Vanko was confronted by Stark he made a few remarks hurting his feelings, saying that if god bleeds people won't believe in him so he wants to shake confidence in Iron Man. Justin Hammer was a witness to the battle and soon helps him escape on the premise that Vanko helps make Iron Man suits for him.
Pepper Potts who now is overwhelmed running the company hires sexy and smart Rushman Natalie (I hope i don't get that name wrong either), who later turns out to be working for shield, presumably the Black Widow. Potts gets more and more stressed, and Stark is starting to die even faster.
Eventually on Stark's Birthday Rhodes takes actions against Starks Duped behavior and takes the MARK II iron man suit against tony and a bad-@$$ fight scene ensues destroying many walls and windows of the house. It was a phenomenal battle of two Iron Men. It was left a tie out of a collision of both of their energy beams leaving them both Knocked Out. Rhodes gets up and flies off with The Mark II Iron Man suit.

Later Stark talks with Nick Fury on what Starks actions are leading him to. Fury tells on how Whiplashes father was a co-founder of the Arc reactor which was meant to start an energy cold war. He is left with possessions of his father and finds out he has the designs for this mystery element he needed earlier left from a recording from his father and tables of his visions of the future with plans of what is needed yet he was limited in technology from his time so he left it to Tony to build it later. So with a laser made level with a captain america sheild to make it more level Tony Stark makes this blue laser hit a Triangle thing to make it glow and solve his poisoning problems by replacing that triangle thing in the Arc reactor.

Meanwhile Whiplash takes the resources from Hammer to build an army of self serving military drones while secretly making a suit for himself. However because of lack of results he turns to Rhodes' newly acquired Iron Man suit and pimps it out (I am saying that because a song playing during this gave me those words) with machine guns, more guns and most importantly an armed devastating mini missile called the "Ex-Wife."
Justin Hammer goes to the Stark Expo to present his drones and his *cough* Iron Man prototype, but they all come under control of Vanko. Stark arrives in an improved Iron Man Suit (slightly bulkier, but the most noticeable difference is a triangle instead of a circle). There is a fight with Rhode's / War Machine's suit being controlled, chaos in the midst of thousands ensues. Amazing scenes of fighting. Potts and Natalie find out where whiplash is controlling the suits, Potts has Hammer arrested and Natalie takes out Whiplashes control over Rhodes by finding his computer in Hammer's facility. Stark and Rhodes fight Whiplash in a modified suit and eventually they win with the colliding beams move between Rhodey and Stark. But in Whiplashes last words he blows everything up because the Drones and His core were rigged to Blow.
Pepper gets saved by Iron Man, and Tony lives very happily with his court problems gone courtesy of Nick Fury (yet Stark was demoted from the Avengers Initiative, only to be a consultant).

**** Post Credits: After the long credits line of actors and Grapic designers you see this scene.
New Mexico, a shield agent drives up to a crater where much bustling analysts are involved, at the center of the crater, shown by a clever camara angle, you see Mjonir or Thor's Hammer. That's my biggest disapointment, I expected to actually see Thor or Captain America, not just that little Hammer. Oh well *****

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Time Shift (Nostalgia Reviews)

(click photo to enlarge)

Believe it or not this video-game was my first Play Station 3 video-game experience. Now that I look back it is not the best to start with, but it works. It made up from lack of Definite story in music and especially Game-Play. What makes this game unique in its way from the rest of the swarm of first person Science Fiction Shooters you see is Its very unique weapon. Aside from the good weapons and character design this game has, the only thing that will make you play this is one feature that I barely see in Video-games and they did well.
In this game, you have the control over time!
And that is the thing that I love of this game. In this game, you can Slow down, Pause and Even REVERSE. Yes REVERSE time, at the push of a button. And the way that works is too awesome to let alone. There is a computer that tells you automatically what is best to do if you press the button to shift time, or you can do it manually. This feature is unique to this game, as you play there are so many experiments you can try out to maximize your advantage, and pwn the enemies you are after. You can grab their guns before they fire, reverse the grenades they launch, stop them from shooting you, basically all the problems you get when playing games can be corrected or not. (too bad the shifts are limited) Besides that you have a couple of puzzles and such that you have to do with these abilities, you can use it with vehicles and Torrents. This is a very fun game because of that. I love it.
So let me break down this story for you in the beginning. A scientist at a secret Lab developing portable Time travel goes back in time with a suit that you helped made. You take the Beta version and go after him before the whole place explodes. But he got more into the past then you and created an alternate reality where he rules. You join a rebellion movement and you can get the jest from there. The story before what I told you comes in Flashbacks of the player (whom you never see the face of). The story during the rebelion kind of comes like Call of Duty, you hear the guys talk and you can look around. The characters you fight vary from Normal Soldiers, snipers and mercenaries, to guys who also control time ( Much hard to kill because they move fast or seem to teleport [slow down time or pause it]), to Flying planes and blimps, to torrent robots that look like they belong on Robo-Cop, to a giant walking machine that a lot of games seem to have similar ones. You know what I am talking about, they're black, have four legs and walk everywhere. I see those kind of things on Fracture and Jak 3. (you probably don't know what I talk about)
Before this gets to long I'll conclude my review. It is a great classic game for its single player game-play ability to control time like you want (although it does have multi-player with people who surprisingly still play this). It is a great experience and you should check it out. I include a video showing you what I am talking about.
---'til next time -- Mystery Black

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Internet Quests: Spirit Animals

A while ago I was reading Ultimate Hulk Versus Wolverine. And in that Story, in some hallucination, Wolverine found out that his spirit animal is a panda (one would think that Wolverine's spirit animal would be a wolverine). Pandas are my favorite animals to draw. And in one internet search I decided to take a quiz on What would be my spirit animal? aparently its a bear. And A panda is a Bear so my Spirit animal must be a PANDA ! Yeah. you should take it too and tell my what you are. There are no viruses, this quiz is actually pretty intuitive.
Sorry for this rant --- Mystery Black

The Club

Another quick nostalgia Review. The Club. I'll say right now it is a an ambiguous pass. Although it is good in some aspects of the game-play, it fails over-all in other parts and play-ability factoring.
It feels kind of short in its levels. There is basically no story. In one way you are trying to escape the Club which is run from a bunch of Psycho Killer. But mainly your are just killing people like some Gladiator.They all seem like stereotypical characters. The graphics are good for it. However in the game-play it is all just some racing with extra Targets and enemies ( I love how it calls out headshots). It works but not too brightly, the game stresses you. All it is is looping around with a countdown, but dieing in the process. The best aspect of the game is its Title music, which is awesome in my opinion.
I feel lazy and will stop the review here since there isn't much else interesting to you in the game. five theoretical beers out of ten.
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